Lasurim Advocates for Better Fan Use at Prisons

<p style="">In the past, inmates in New York State prisons&nbsp;under DOCCS were able to have&nbsp;<span class="m_-7354853898757243323gmail-m_-3951592427676682369gmail-il" style="">fans</span>&nbsp;up to 12 inches in diameter. For many years now the limit is only 6 inches. Lasurim&nbsp;received concerns from inmates and their families that the heat is&nbsp;very bad and the&nbsp;<span class="m_-7354853898757243323gmail-m_-3951592427676682369gmail-il" style="">fans</span>&nbsp;do little. This issue is relevant even when the weather is not in the high 80’s or into the 90’s.</p><p style=""><br></p>As a result, Lasurim reached out to lawmakers and officials&nbsp;regarding this issue and Lasurim is also collaborating&nbsp;with other organizations to make this issue a priority. Assemblyman David Weprin, the&nbsp;<br><p style="">Chairman of the Assembly's Correction Committee wrote about this issue to Commissioner Annucci early in July; asking the commissioner to "look into the issue and consider what can be done alleviate&nbsp;the situation."&nbsp;<br></p>