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We welcome you to share our cause and willing to contribute from yourself your time and heart to those people who are almost forgotten to this world. Being in Prison is unimaginable to anyone who did not have this horrible experience, and for a religious person this is almost unbearable.

Whatever the reason might be that has led this person to be in there, we are not here to judge and we have the duty from our torah to do whatever it is in our hands to show them the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your contribution could be from being there for the suffering families by driving them to visit their loved ones, write letters to someone in prison and help them strive for a new day and being the foundation to a person to rebuild their lives when they come out of prison, or it could be supporting our crime prevention efforts…

Join our new volunteer site where you can track all your volunteering activity find information on inmates & facilities as well as opportunities to join other volunteers in their work and become a greater part of the organization. Join Now

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