Our Mission

L’Asurim is a non-for-profit organization that is dedicated to serving the Jewish community in preventing and reducing crime, as well as helping the incarcerated do their time and rehabilitate so that they can again become part of society.

Prevention: First and foremost our emphasis is to educate the orthodox Jewish community in the laws and responsibilities that come with living in this great country, thereby helping to reduce crime through education. This is done through seminars, awareness events and video presentations organized periodically in major orthodox Jewish communities.

Supporting Those Indicted: In the unfortunate event of an arrest, our mission is to help the indicted with support and advice, transportation to and from court, organized prayers for their welfare, preparation for serving time in prison and very importantly, providing support to the family who is going through this emotionally-draining ordeal.

Supporting Prisoners: We offer support to those already in prison and to their loved ones. To those incarcerated we provide correspondence, clergy visitors, visits by family and friends, books, religious articles and care packages. To the families of prisoners we offer transportation to and from the prisons and we run support groups to help them get through this ordeal. We also organize prayers to be said for prisoners and their loved ones.

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Family Program

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Family Support

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Pen Pal Program

In an age where iPhones, Blackberries, and Skype are the dominant and preferred means of communication, there is still one distinct place where a handwritten letter remains the most powerful medium: prison.  In the prison system, our Jewish brethren typically do not have access to the latest technological gadgets that we take for granted.  Rather, most prisoners are only allowed to receive letters and, in some cases, make an occasional telephone call.


L’Asurim’s Pen Pal Program seeks to match volunteers with members of the Jewish prison population who may have similar interests or backgrounds.   We are seeking Pen Pals from all backgrounds and of all ages.  In addition, you do not need to have a degree in English or have won your high school spelling bee to be a Pen Pal.  Your sincere and heartfelt words are what instill hope and joy in the recipient of your letter.


Receiving a letter from a Pen Pal is probably the single most uplifting gesture that the inmates we serve never fail to mention as a key source of strength during their time of tribulation. For the cost of a postage stamp and a small investment of your time, you can impact the life of a Jewish inmate in an immeasurable way.


L’Asurim will be happy to provide you sample letters and will advise you of the guidelines to follow when sending a letter to someone in prison.  You are welcome to use our samples as the basis of your first letter or two, but we are sure that once you make the connection, your thoughts and ideas will freely flow in the letters to follow.


You will find a link to the sample letters on our FAQ page .  Our FAQ page will also provide you a link to our Volunteer Pen Pal Application as well as answers to many commonly asked questions.  Please take the time to browse the FAQ page to find out about this unique opportunity.

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